Amonev Clock Book – Teaching Kids How to Tell Time

Amonev Clock Book – Teaching Kids How to Tell Time

Amonev Clock Book – Teaching Kids How to Tell Time

Time is an essential concept that children need to learn as they grow. Understanding how to read a clock is a fundamental skill that helps kids manage their daily routines and schedules. Introducing the Amonev Clock Book – a unique and innovative teaching tool designed to make learning to tell time fun and exciting for kids!

Engaging Stories and Colorful Illustrations

The Amonev Clock Book features captivating stories and vibrant illustrations that capture children’s attention. Each page is filled with colorful characters and scenes that bring the concept of time to life. Kids will be immersed in a world of adventure as they follow the journey of Milo, a curious young boy who learns how to tell time.

Interactive Learning Experience

The Amonev Clock Book offers an interactive learning experience that keeps kids engaged and entertained. With interactive elements such as movable clock hands and interactive quizzes, children can actively participate in the learning process. This hands-on approach ensures that kids not only understand the concept of time but also enjoy the learning journey.

Step-by-Step Time Telling Guide

The book provides a step-by-step guide to help kids understand the basics of telling time. Starting with the hour hand and then moving on to the minute hand, children will learn how to read both analog and digital clocks. The book also covers concepts such as AM and PM, as well as the concept of elapsed time.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is the Amonev Clock Book suitable for all ages?
  2. The Amonev Clock Book is designed for children aged 4 and above. However, younger children may also enjoy the colorful illustrations and engaging stories.

  3. Can the book be used for homeschooling?
  4. Yes, the Amonev Clock Book is a great resource for homeschooling. It provides a comprehensive guide to teaching kids how to tell time.

  5. Are there any additional resources available?
  6. Yes, along with the book, there is an online platform that offers interactive games and activities to reinforce the concepts learned in the book.


The Amonev Clock Book is a valuable tool for parents and educators who want to teach kids how to tell time in a fun and engaging way. With its captivating stories, colorful illustrations, and interactive learning experience, this book is sure to make learning to read a clock an enjoyable adventure for children. Get your copy of the Amonev Clock Book today and watch your child’s time-telling skills soar!