COOPIC T264 Tripod – The Perfect Companion for Your Photography Adventures

COOPIC T264 Tripod – The Perfect Companion for Your Photography Adventures

COOPIC T264 Tripod – The Perfect Companion for Your Photography Adventures

Are you tired of carrying heavy tripods that are difficult to set up and transport? Look no further! Introducing the COOPIC T264 Tripod, a revolutionary tripod that combines functionality, portability, and durability. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, this tripod is designed to meet all your photography needs.


COOPIC T264 Tripod Monopod Combo

The COOPIC T264 Tripod features a detachable center column that can be easily converted into a 5-section monopod. This innovative design allows you to use the tripod as a hiking pole or a monopod, providing you with maximum versatility in any situation.

3-Way Pan and Tilt Head

With its 3-way pan and tilt head, the COOPIC T264 Tripod makes panning a breeze. You can keep your camera steady while turning it to follow a person or animal in motion, capturing every moment with precision and clarity.

Quick Release Plate

The quick release plate of the COOPIC T264 Tripod allows you to attach and detach your camera from the tripod head quickly and easily. Say goodbye to the hassle of screwing and unscrewing your camera every time you want to change your composition.

Flip Lock Mechanism and Center Brace

The 4-section telescoping tripod legs of the COOPIC T264 Tripod are equipped with a flip lock mechanism, allowing you to adjust the working height in seconds. The center brace ensures stability and rigidity, even in challenging shooting conditions.

Considerate Design

The COOPIC T264 Tripod is designed with the photographer in mind. It features a built-in spirit level for easy alignment to the horizon, ensuring that your photos are perfectly straight. The tripod also comes with a convenient carry handle, making it easy to transport wherever your photography adventures take you.

Non-Slip Rubber Feet

The round and big rubber feet of the COOPIC T264 Tripod provide maximum traction on all surfaces. Whether you are shooting on uneven terrain or slippery surfaces, you can trust that your tripod will stay securely in place, giving you peace of mind during your photography sessions.


  • Brand: COOPIC Create Cool Pictures
  • Model: T264
  • Material: Aluminum alloy tube and environmental protection ABS plastic
  • Head type: Three-dimensional ball head
  • Folded length: 45.5cm/17.91inch
  • Tripod max height: 170cm/67inch
  • Monopod max height: 140cm/55inch
  • Max tube diameter: 26mm
  • Column quantity: 4 sections
  • Load capacity: 5kg/9.25pounds
  • Item weight: 1.44kg/3.23pounds
  • Package size: 11.5 x 11.5 x 59.5cm/4.52 x 4.52 x 23.42inch

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the COOPIC T264 Tripod support heavy cameras?

Yes, the COOPIC T264 Tripod has a load capacity of 5kg/9.25pounds, making it suitable for SLR DSLR cameras and other heavy equipment.

2. Is the COOPIC T264 Tripod easy to carry around?

Absolutely! The COOPIC T264 Tripod comes with a tripod bag for easy transportation. Its lightweight design and carry handle make it convenient to bring along on your photography adventures.

3. Can the COOPIC T264 Tripod be used on uneven surfaces?

Yes, the non-slip rubber feet of the COOPIC T264 Tripod provide maximum traction on all surfaces, ensuring stability and security even on uneven terrain.


The COOPIC T264 Tripod is the perfect companion for photographers who value versatility, convenience, and stability. With its innovative features, such as the detachable center column, quick release plate, and flip lock mechanism, this tripod offers endless possibilities for capturing stunning photos. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the COOPIC T264 Tripod will elevate your photography to new heights. Get yours today and embark on your next photography adventure with confidence!