Ditek DTK-POC – The Ultimate Power Over Coax Solution

Ditek DTK-POC – The Ultimate Power Over Coax Solution

Ditek DTK-POC – The Ultimate Power Over Coax Solution


Welcome to the world of Ditek DTK-POC, the cutting-edge power over coax solution designed to revolutionize your security camera system. With its innovative technology and advanced features, the Ditek DTK-POC offers a seamless and efficient way to power your cameras while transmitting data over a single coaxial cable.

Features of Ditek DTK-POC

1. Simplified Installation

Gone are the days of dealing with multiple cables and power supplies. The Ditek DTK-POC eliminates the need for separate power cables by delivering power and data through a single coaxial cable. This not only simplifies the installation process but also reduces clutter and saves time.

2. Enhanced Performance

With the Ditek DTK-POC, you can expect superior performance and reliability. It provides a stable power supply to your cameras, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in challenging environments. Say goodbye to power outages and hello to uninterrupted surveillance.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

By combining power and data transmission into a single cable, the Ditek DTK-POC helps you save on installation costs. You no longer need to invest in additional power supplies or run separate power lines, making it a cost-effective solution for both new installations and upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Ditek DTK-POC be used with any security camera system?

A: Yes, the Ditek DTK-POC is compatible with most security camera systems that support power over coax technology. However, it is always recommended to check the compatibility with your specific system before making a purchase.

Q: How far can the Ditek DTK-POC transmit power and data?

A: The Ditek DTK-POC can transmit power and data up to a distance of 300 meters, providing flexibility in camera placement and system design.

Q: Is the Ditek DTK-POC easy to install?

A: Absolutely! The Ditek DTK-POC is designed for easy installation. Simply connect the DTK-POC device to your camera and power source using the provided connectors, and you’re good to go.

Q: Does the Ditek DTK-POC support PoE (Power over Ethernet)?

A: No, the Ditek DTK-POC is specifically designed for power over coax applications and does not support PoE.

Experience the future of power over coax with the Ditek DTK-POC. Simplify your installation, enhance performance, and save costs. Upgrade your security camera system today!