Flame King Refillable 1 lb Empty Propane Cylinder Tank – Reusable – Safe and Legal Refill Option – DOT Compliant-16.4 oz (2-Pack)

Flame King Refillable 1 lb Empty Propane Cylinder Tank – Reusable – Safe and Legal Refill Option – DOT Compliant-16.4 oz (2-Pack)


The Flame King 1 lb (16.4oz) refillable propane cylinders are the perfect solution for all your outdoor propane needs. These cylinders are designed to fit all appliances that currently use non-refillable tanks. With our unique and patented valve design, you won’t find this level of quality and convenience anywhere else.

Safe and Legal

Our refillable propane cylinders are certified by the DOT as legally and lawfully refillable and transportable. Unlike disposable tanks, it is safe and legal to refill and transport these cylinders. By using Flame King refillable cylinders, you can reduce waste and keep disposable propane tanks out of the environment.

Easy to Use

Refilling your propane cylinder is quick and easy. Simply follow these four steps:
1. Connect the refill adapter (not included) to your standard BBQ cylinder.
2. Attach the refill adapter to the refillable propane cylinder.
3. Open the valve on the BBQ cylinder and wait for the refillable cylinder to fill.
4. Close the valve and disconnect the refill adapter.

Save Money

Stop wasting money on disposable tanks and start saving with our reusable propane cylinders. By refilling your cylinder instead of buying a new one each time, you can save a significant amount of money in the long run. Plus, our cylinders are built to last with high-grade steel construction and powder coating for long-lasting exterior protection.


Can I refill the cylinder at a propane refill station?

No, this refillable cylinder is designed to be refilled directly from your standard BBQ cylinder using a refill adapter (not included).

What appliances can I use this cylinder with?

Our refillable propane cylinders are compatible with any appliance that uses a 1 lb propane tank. This includes Mr. Heater, Weber, Coleman, and similar outdoor type applications.

Where can I get the refill adapter?

The refill adapter is not included with the cylinder but is available with the Flame King refill kit.


Say goodbye to disposable propane tanks and join the eco-revolution with Flame King refillable propane cylinders. These cylinders are safe, legal, and easy to use. By refilling instead of disposing, you can save money and reduce waste. Invest in a high-quality, long-lasting propane cylinder that will meet all your outdoor propane needs.