Sterilin 41301K Pipette – Product Description

Sterilin 41301K Pipette – Product Description

Sterilin 41301K Pipette – Product Description

“The Sterilin 41301K Pipette is a high-quality laboratory tool designed for precise liquid handling. With its open-end design and 1 mL capacity, this pipette is perfect for a wide range of applications. Each pack contains 1000 pipettes, ensuring that you have an ample supply for your experiments and research.”


  • Open-end design for easy and efficient liquid transfer
  • 1 mL capacity for accurate measurements
  • Pack of 1000 for long-lasting use
  • High-quality construction for reliable performance


  • Precise Liquid Handling: The Sterilin 41301K Pipette allows for accurate and controlled liquid transfer, ensuring reliable results in your experiments.
  • Convenient Packaging: With 1000 pipettes in each pack, you can focus on your work without worrying about running out of supplies.
  • Time and Cost Savings: The open-end design of the pipette allows for quick and easy liquid transfer, saving you valuable time in the lab.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Whether you are working in a research laboratory, medical facility, or educational institution, this pipette is suitable for various tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can the Sterilin 41301K Pipette be autoclaved?

Yes, this pipette is autoclavable, allowing for easy sterilization and reuse.

2. Is the pipette calibrated?

Yes, each Sterilin 41301K Pipette is individually calibrated to ensure accurate measurements.

3. Can I use this pipette with corrosive liquids?

No, this pipette is not recommended for use with corrosive liquids as it may damage the pipette and affect its performance.


The Sterilin 41301K Pipette is a reliable and efficient tool for precise liquid handling. With its open-end design, 1 mL capacity, and pack of 1000, it offers convenience and accuracy for various laboratory applications. Invest in this high-quality pipette and enhance your research and experiments today!