ToysOpoly Inflatable Dodgeball – No Sting Balls + Free Pump & Mesh Bag

ToysOpoly Inflatable Dodgeball – No Sting Balls + Free Pump & Mesh Bag

ToysOpoly Inflatable Dodgeball – No Sting Balls + Free Pump & Mesh Bag


Welcome to the world of ToysOpoly Inflatable Dodgeball! This pack of 6 dodgeballs is designed to provide endless fun and excitement for both kids and adults. With their no sting feature and different sizes, these dodgeballs are perfect for various activities such as exercise, yoga, and workout routines. Additionally, the set includes a free pump and a convenient mesh bag for easy storage and transportation.

Main Features

No Sting Balls

The ToysOpoly Inflatable Dodgeball set features no sting balls, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playing experience. Say goodbye to painful hits and bruises, and hello to hours of fun without any discomfort.

Different Sizes

Each pack includes dodgeballs with different sizes ranging from 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches. This variety allows players of all ages and skill levels to find the perfect fit for their game.

Exercise, Yoga, and Workout Balls

Not only are these dodgeballs great for dodgeball games, but they also serve as excellent exercise, yoga, and workout balls. Incorporate them into your fitness routine to enhance balance, coordination, and strength.

Free Pump & Mesh Bag

With every purchase of the ToysOpoly Inflatable Dodgeball set, you will receive a free pump and a convenient mesh bag. The pump allows for easy inflation, while the mesh bag ensures hassle-free storage and transportation of the dodgeballs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these dodgeballs be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the ToysOpoly Inflatable Dodgeballs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it is recommended to avoid sharp objects or rough surfaces that may puncture the balls.

2. Are these dodgeballs suitable for children?

Absolutely! The ToysOpoly Inflatable Dodgeballs are designed to be safe for children. The no sting feature ensures that kids can enjoy playing without the fear of getting hurt.

3. How do I inflate the dodgeballs?

Each set comes with a free pump. Simply attach the pump to the valve of the dodgeball and inflate to the desired size. Make sure to remove the pump once the ball is fully inflated.

4. Can I adjust the firmness of the dodgeballs?

Yes, you can adjust the firmness of the dodgeballs by controlling the amount of air you pump into them. This allows you to customize the bounce and feel of the balls according to your preference.


The ToysOpoly Inflatable Dodgeball set is a must-have for anyone looking to add excitement and versatility to their playtime or fitness routine. With their no sting feature, different sizes, and additional pump and mesh bag, these dodgeballs offer endless possibilities for fun and exercise. Get your pack today and experience the joy of playing with ToysOpoly!