ULTIMAX – Electric Pedal Exerciser

ULTIMAX – Electric Pedal Exerciser

ULTIMAX – Electric Pedal Exerciser


Welcome to the world of ULTIMAX – the ultimate electric pedal exerciser designed to provide a convenient and effective way to stay fit and active. Whether you are a senior looking to improve your fitness at home or a professional wanting to incorporate exercise into your work routine, the ULTIMAX is the perfect solution.

Key Features

Quiet and Smooth Operation

The ULTIMAX electric pedal exerciser operates quietly and smoothly, allowing you to use it in the office or at home without disturbing others. You can easily work out while you work, relax in front of the TV, or even read a book.

Tone Muscles and Improve Concentration

With the compact design of the ULTIMAX, you can strengthen both your arms and legs, increasing circulation and improving stamina. This not only helps in toning your muscles but also enhances your focus and concentration, relieving tension and stress.

Motorized Pedal Action with Adjustable Speed

The ULTIMAX features motorized pedal action with 12 speed settings, allowing you to choose the perfect pace to reach your fitness goals. The built-in computer displays key stats about your workout, and the cabled remote control enables you to adjust your workout without bending down to the display.

Multiple Programs

With 6 built-in automatic programs and 1 manual program, the ULTIMAX offers versatility in your exercise routine. You can customize your workout based on your preferences and fitness level. The maximum speed of the pedal exerciser is 80 RPM, providing a challenging yet achievable workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the ULTIMAX be used by seniors?

Yes, the ULTIMAX is specifically designed to be used by seniors. Its adjustable settings and low-impact nature make it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.

2. Is the ULTIMAX portable?

Yes, the ULTIMAX is portable and can be easily moved around. Its compact size allows for convenient storage and transportation.

3. Can the ULTIMAX be used for both arms and legs?

Absolutely! The ULTIMAX can be used to work both your arms and legs, providing a full-body workout experience.

4. How does the ULTIMAX improve concentration?

By increasing circulation and relieving tension, the ULTIMAX helps improve focus and concentration. Regular use of the pedal exerciser can enhance cognitive function and productivity.

5. Is the ULTIMAX suitable for rehabilitation purposes?

Yes, the ULTIMAX is an excellent choice for rehabilitation. Its adjustable settings and gentle pedal motion make it ideal for seniors or individuals recovering from injuries.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the ULTIMAX electric pedal exerciser. Stay fit, improve concentration, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Get your ULTIMAX today!